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Save the planet with us

be-dom depends on garbage. It’s with it that we build our instruments, the majority of our scenarios and part of our clothes.

However we get frizzled with the amount of waste generated, every day, all over the world.

To fulfill people necessities, every year there is a consumption of millions of tons of energy and raw materials, resulting as well in polluting rivers and seas, destroying rainforests, extinguishing hundreds of species and exploiting people, often in inhumane conditions.

Besides all of this, one have to deal with the waste, and although a good part is treated and a small percentage recycled, millions of bags, cans, papers, packaging, bottles, batteries, oils, etc, are thrown directly to the land, air and sea.

Part of this problem’s solution goes through people who dedicate themselves throughout the world to the art of “up-cycling“, giving new use and function to objects that are no longer suitable for others.

In our case, we do it with the "up-cycling" of almost everything that we have on stage (from scenarios, instruments and clothing). We also teach how to do so through our workshops for manufacturing of instruments and percussion. Normally for schools, companies, children, teenagers, teachers and those who want to learn the principles of recycling, reuse and sustainability.

This said, we are counting on you to join us in order to protect the planet resources, lessen the pollution and waste, contributing to the maintenance of biological diversity and create a more prosperous future for this and future generations.

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