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Street Performance

The six will create humor, joy, rhythms and sounds with everything they can find!

Step right up!

Let “be-dom” in!


See what´ve we done on the street of the biggest world´s Casino, The Venetian, in Macau!

Review from The Venetian
Macau-Resort-Hotel production team:

“It’s incredible how Be-Dom interacts with the Asian public. They are very shy but Be-Dom involves them in the show and that makes the whole difference.

Definitely a great choice bringing Be-Dom to The Venetian Carnevale, they definitely fit into the whole theme. People keep asking for more!”

Adriana Lucas
Venetian Events Executive

“Amazing atmosphere created by the talented musicians of Be-dom for the fantastic Carnavale 2013 at the Venetian Macao resort hotel in Macao!

The delighted crowd of patrons surrounding them in our unique property whenever and wherever they perform is a testimony of the excellence of their show and of the dedication and commitment of each and everyone of the members of this incredibly successful group of easy going, young and friendly percussionists who manage to attract all kinds of audiences young or older and of all nationalities!!

Definite thumbs up for all events indoors or outdoors especially for music festivals and street performances!”

Guy Lesquoy
Senior Entertainment Manager

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